Melbourne Relationship
Counselling & Psychotherapy

Welcome to the Melbourne Relationship Counselling & Psychotherapy (MRCP) website. The information here has been designed to assist you in making a decision about the type of personal and professional support you are looking for.

Melbourne Relationship Counselling & Psychotherapy (MRCP) specialises in work with individuals, couples and families. The clinic sees people for a range of mental health, relationship and personal issues. A comprehensive list of our treatment specialties can be found on our Services page of the website.

Here at MRCP we believe in helping individuals, couples and families develop more satisfying and healthy relationships. Our connection to those around us is vital to our mental health, wellbeing and professional success. Humans are inherently social beings, and our survival is dependent on the quality of our intimate and community relationships.

MRCP also provides clinical supervision, professional development, and organisational coaching to professionals.

Medicare rebates and other concessions may apply.